Our Approach

We strive to ensure consistency in our work and efficiency in your results, without having our clients
drowned in excessive paperwork or time-consuming procedures.

Our Engagement Models

Extended Team

You work with your own extended scalable team, hired in Ukraine or Estonia. We offer this model so you have an opportunity not only to enhance your technical expertise but, more importantly, to entrust your operations to secure, cost-effective talent, committed to your corporate culture and values along with strategic goals.

Managed Team

You get an exclusive development team with deep understanding of your expectations and objectives. We implement control over the dedicated team members. We’ve established this model with your interests in mind. Thus, you define the project scope, workload and requirements – we get things done right on schedule.

Managed Product

With given model we shape your ideas into actual products. We realize your projects according to the concepts and requirements, determined by you.

Fixed Project

With this model, no supervision is required from the client’s side, all requirements are specified beforehand. Timeframe and costs are pre-defined before the start of the project and remain fixed at all times. For long-term projects payment schedule may apply.


We have a large number of consultants with operational as well as managerial expertise ready to guide you through the path of software development and help you find the best decisions for your business. We help you deal with issues that require (additional) expertise or skills, by sending in IT experts whose job is to support you in reaching your business goals, both for long and short periods.

We make blockchain easy.

We make blockchain possible.

Approach & Advantages

Profound Expertise

We are adept at developing business solutions of powered by Ethereum Blockchain. We possess full service capabilities for development, deployment and management of blockchain applications . We ensure technology-driven business processes optimization.

Time-saving Solutions

We can speed up the launch and ensure rapid takeoff of your project as well as streamline and accelerate project development process. We are willing to start working on your project the next day after closing the deal. We strive to minimize red carpet at all project stages.

Customer-Centric Approach

We dive into your business, ensuring its continuous growth. We realize your ideas and contribute our own if needed. Besides, we are willing to develop MVP and provide you with technological expertise. We work with non-profit blockchain projects for government sector.

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We empower your ideas by providing solid full-cycle product development, maintenance and support, including web, mobile, blockchain, back-end integrations

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